This page provides the views of students who have lived in San Clemente.


Your GSA and GSACC recently conducted a exness survey of current and former residents of San Clemente to find out what students like and do not like about living there.  GSA compiled their responses and we list them below, close to their order of frequency.  Bolded responses occur most frequently.


Why people like living in San Clemente:

  • Close to campus
  • Furnished units (with full-size beds)
  • Modern-looking and clean
  • Utilities included (inc. internet, cable)
  • Convenient (don’t have to house-hunt from faraway)
  • Great way to meet other graduate students
  • Programming exness trading platform events like yoga and movie nights
  • Quick repairs for maintenance issues
  • Security, felt safe
  • Affordable on-site laundry


Why people choose to leave San Clemente:

  • Too expensive (cheaper rent off-campus for more space)
  • Loud undergraduates (partying, late-night noise)
  • Loud noises from the adjacent soccer fields on weekends
  • Small kitchens (esp. in the 4-BR units)
  • Feels like a dorm
  • Slow wireless internet
  • Wanted to live alone or meet non-UCSB people
  • Nice but sterile-looking aesthetics
  • Didn’t like roommate assignments
  • Can’t terminate lease early
  • No pets allowed
  • SC is hard to access during Halloween weekend and on soccer game nights


Former exness trader graduate student residents recommend that incoming grads move into Arrowhead or Bradbury, since Housing places more undergraduate residents in Encino and Donner.


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