Welcome to UCSB and welcome to the UCSB Graduate Student Association website.  The purpose of this page is to offer information about San Clemente Villages residential units from a graduate student perspective so that incoming and current UCSB students can make informed choices about where to live.

Using the Housing dropdown menu above, you will also find:

  • Cost comparisons between UCSB housing units and choices for living off-campus
  • Housing data (costs over time, ratio grad-undergrad, retention + occupancy rates)
  • Student reflections about living in San Clemente (pros and cons)
  • Links to helpful webpages for campus and community living options
  • Photos of interiors of San Clemente apartments

For more information about San Clemente’s construction and financing, why rent increases 4% annually, and what GSA and GSACC do for residents, read the information provided by Housing, GSA, and GSACC at the San Clemente Housing Forum Notes (2/13/13).