Below are links that may assist you exness in making a decision regarding where to live while studying at UCSB.  Links about San Clemente include general information, descriptions of the units and floorplans, frequently asked questions, and reviews of San Clemente on Yelp.  Links to USCB Housing include general information, cost comparisons, and rental information and help.  There are also links to UCSB’s co-op housing units in Isla Vista and other rental listing sites like Craigslist, as well as other helpful links for exness platform graduate students.


Links about San Clemente (SC):
SC Village Homepage

SC General Information

SC Terms and Conditions

SC Sample Contract

SC Floor Plans (2-BR)

SC Floor Plans (4-BR)

SC Frequently Asked Questions

GSACC (Graduate Student Apartments Community Council)


SC Reviews on Yelp


Links to UCSB Housing:
UCSB Housing Homepage

USCB Graduate Student Housing Options

UCSB Community Housing Office

UCSB Community Housing Rental Advice & Counseling

UCSB Community Housing Options

UCSB Community Housing Neighborhood Profiles

UCSB Community Housing Rental Listings

UCSB Community Housing Student Success Guide


Links about other places to live:
Santa Barbara Co-Op

Santa Barbara Craigslist

Santa Barbara News Press


Other helpful links:
UCSB GradPost

Graduate Division- New Students

Graduate Division- International Students