This page is for information and advice on housing cost comparisons for UCSB students.


Below are cost comparisons between UCSB housing units and choices for living off-campus as of Fall 2013.  San Clemente costs for 2-BD and 4-BD units include the total rent (not per person).  The off-campus costs are based on averages from various rental listings.


San Clemente Isla Vista Ellwood Winchester Cyn Goleta Downtown SB
1 bedroom NA $1,375 $1,380 NA $1,340 $1,350
2 bedroom $2,040 $2,300 $1,625 NA $1,800 $1,830
3 bedroom NA $3,575 $2,525 $2,510 $2,550 $3,500
4 bedroom $3,564 $2,700 $3,000 $2,700 $4,000

You can find additional cost comparisons and descriptions of housing options provided by the UCSB Community Housing Office.


Note about the neighborhoods:

Isla Vista is adjacent to campus and mostly houses undergraduates (most graduate students avoid IV).  Ellwood and Winchester Canyon are areas of Goleta.  Cheaper off-campus housing can be found further away, such as in Carpenteria, Summerland, Ventura/Oxnard, Santa Maria, and Ojai, for which you can find listings on Craigslist, however living in these areas also results in longer commutes to campus. There is a public transportation system in place (MTD), so please be sure to check bus schedules and routes to ensure that you’re well informed before choosing a place to live.  Click here for more information about Neighborhood Profiles provided by the UCSB Community Housing Office.


Note about making comparisons:

  • Be sure to compare the size of apartments and houses in addition to their costs.
  • Also, while all utilities are included in the monthly rent at UCSB housing units, make sure to add in estimates for utilities when making comparisons with off-campus housing options.  Depending on how many people you live with, the size of your new home, and your utility usage, you can expect utilities to average from $50-$100 per person per month (including internet, water, gas, electricity, trash).
  • Remember when comparing that San Clemente offers free and plentiful parking, furnished units, on-site laundry, all utilities included, three contract lengths to choose from, programming like yoga and movie nights, community rooms with TVs and a pool table, and vacuums available to borrow from resident coordinators.  No pets are allowed except small fish.

The UCSB Community Housing Office also offers additional services and cost comparisons on their UCSB Community Housing Office website. For additional information, please feel free to contact them at: The Community Housing Office, University Center, Room 3151 (third floor)