As an active student organization, the GSA is invited to sit on a number of committees and work with important issues that affect graduate students, such as graduate student housing, health insurance, student fees, parking rates, diversity, sustainability, safety, athletics, and teaching awards. The GSA needs graduate student representatives to sit on committees and report back to the GSA with the details of the committee, as well as sharing graduate student opinions with the committees. Committees range in time commitment from a few hours per quarter to weekly meetings throughout the year, and reps are paid for their time based on the hours spent with the committee ($50 to $200 per quarter).

Contact Dusty Hoesly, GSA Vice President for Committees and Planning, if you are interested in serving on particular committees or have any questions.  Email:


We are now taking applications for the 2013-2014 school year.  Please apply!


Below, various committees are categorized by type.  ***Please note: Committees in bold still need to be filled.***


Awards, Activities, and Events

Arts & Lectures Student Advisory Committee

Campus Elections Committee

Commencement Speaker Selection Committee

Dixon-Levy GSA Service Award

Getman and Villa Awards Committee

GSA Excellence in Teaching Awards {up to 10 GSA reps allowed}

Major Events Committee


Building Governance

Events Center Governance Board

Multicultural Center Board

Recreation Center Governance Board

Student Resources Building (SRB) Governance Board

University Center (UCen) Governance Board


Diversity and Equity

Academic Senate Committee on Diversity and Equity

Advisory Committee on Campus Access (ACCA) [Campus Access Board] {2 GSA reps allowed}

Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on the Status of Women (CACSW) {2 GSA reps allowed}


Financial Governance

Financial Aid Advisory Committee

Income and Recharge Committee

Parking Ratepayers Board

Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC) [preferably a 2 year commitment; meets weekly]


Health and Safety

Alcohol and Other Drug Workgroup

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Advisory Committee

Diving Control Board [must be an active scientific diver for UCSB ]

Gaucho Health Insurance Advisory Committee

Laboratory Safety Committee [must be in a science or engineering department and work in a laboratory environment]

Radiation Safety Committee [must be an actual user of radioactive material (under a faculty member’s radioactive user permit)]

Small Boat Operations Committee [must be an active boat operator for UCSB]

Smoke-Free Campus Steering Committee

Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)

University Center (UCen) Health and Safety Committee


Instruction and Academic Governance

Academic Program Review Panel

Academic Senate Committee on Courses and General Education

Academic Senate Committee on International Education

Academic Senate Council on Faculty Issues and Awards (CFIA)

Ad Hoc Committee for Online Course Evaluations {2 GSA reps allowed}

Calendar Committee

Chancellor’s Advisory Search Committee for Executive Vice Chancellor

Chancellor’s Advisory Search Committee for Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services

Collaborate Advisory Committee (L&S Instructional Technology Initiative)



[Associated Students] Food Bank Advisory Board

[Associated Students] Food Bank Committee

Campus Childcare Advisory Committee (CCAC) {2 GSA reps allowed}

Campus Planning-Sustainability Committee

Campus Regulations Revision Committee {2 GSA reps allowed}

Certificate in College and University Teaching (CCUT) Oversight Committee

Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Student Housing (CACSH)

Chancellor’s Ombuds Advisory Committee

Chancellor’s Outreach Advisory Board (COAB)

Design Review Committee

Email Governance Committee

Intercollegiate Athletics Policy Board (IAPB)

Student/Faculty Committee on Student Conduct {2 GSA reps allowed}

Student-Initiated Outreach Program (SIOP) Application Review Committee



Academic Senate Sustainability Work Group

Associated Students Bicycle Improvements Keep Everyone Safe (B.I.K.E.S.)

Chancellor’s Campus Sustainability Committee (CSC)

Chancellor’s Campus Sustainability Committee subcommittee on Communications

Chancellor’s Sustainability Committee subcommittee on Procurement

Chancellor’s Campus Sustainability Committee subcommittee on Transportation

Chancellor’s Campus Sustainability Committee subcommittee on Water

Natural Reserve System Advisory Committee

Renewable Energy Initiative & Governance Board

Sustainability Change Agent Teams

The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF)

Transportation Alternatives Board (TAB)

San Joaquin Student Housing Building Committee

Faculty Club Renovation and Guest House Addition Building Committee

KITP Residence Building Committee

Institute for Energy Efficiency Building Committee