Update as of 11/3/13: Travel Grant funds for summer and fall travel have been exhausted. Please apply in winter for travel during the winter quarter! No summer or fall ’13 travel is eligible for future grants.


The GSA Conference Travel Grant is intended to help offset the costs of travel or registration fees at professional conferences in which a graduate student is presenting original research findings. It is designed to provide financial assistance to graduate students not yet advanced to candidacy. Eligible students will receive up to $75.00 in reimbursement for registration or travel costs related to conference travel. Those already advanced to candidacy should seek funding from their department or from the Graduate Division office.


In order to qualify, an applicant must not yet be advanced to candidacy at the time of attendance, and must be accepted to present original research data. Ineligible students are those who plan to attend a conference but are not presenting at that conference, and those students who have already advanced to candidacy at the time of presentation.

How to Apply

To apply, please  complete this travel grant application and email it to gsavpbudget@gmail.com or deliver it to one of the GSA Lounge staff members. You will need to also attach confirmation of your acceptance to present, and a receipt of registration and/or travel costs. Awards are disbursed through BARC. You will be reimbursed however you are set up through BARC. For example, if you are a TA and have direct deposit set up, your grant will also be direct deposited. Grants take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to process.

For grads already advanced to candidacy, apply here.

Deadline to Apply

Applications are due on or before the last day of the following quarter in which the student attended the conference. For example, if a student presented at a conference during winter quarter, the application is due on or before the last day of spring quarter. Applications for spring quarter conference travel should be submitted prior to the first day of fall quarter.