The GSA Childcare Grant for Graduate Students was approved during the Spring 2011 Elections and is intended to promote graduate student success during certain required milestone activities of the graduate program. Approved graduate students with single-child households will receive an award of $250; graduate students with more than one child will receive an award of $150 per child, with a maximum award of $600. Grants are limited to one award per graduate student household per quarter, with a maximum of five awards allowed during a student’s academic tenure at UCSB.  Awards are dispersed only for those quarters in which milestone activities are to be completed.  Preference will be given to graduate students who have not previously received the award.


In order to qualify, you must be a registered graduate student, able to provide proof of dependents, be enrolled in a degree granting program, and be able to provide documentation that you are currently completing one of the following milestone activities:

  • Completing comprehensive exams
  • Completing area exams
  • Preparing for a master’s thesis defense
  • Preparing a dissertation proposal
  • Preparing for a dissertation oral defense

How to Apply

To apply, please download, complete, and email the Childcare Grant Application with the following PDF attached documentation (please scan as PDF, TIFF, or JPEG):

  1. Proof of registration, e.g., current class schedule, unofficial transcript, or official Registrar’s proof of registration.
  2. Proof of dependent(s) care as either a birth certificate, adoption certificate, or court order of guardianship.
  3. A memo from your Committee Chair, Faculty Advisor, or Graduate Program Adviser (GPA) that confirms the dates of completion for any one of the above milestone activities required by your graduate program as a means of advancing towards the degree.


Normally, applications are due by the last day of the quarter in which a student completes a milestone activity listed above. For example, if a graduate student undergoes comprehensive exams during fall quarter 2011, an application may be submitted on or before the last day of fall quarter 2011.

When will my award be ready?

Awards will be distributed via the BARC office within 3 weeks of approval.

Questions or Comments?

Questions about eligibility or payment may be directed to the VP of Budget & Finances, Caitlin Rathe. General questions or comments about the GSA Childcare Grant Fund should be directed towards the GSA President, Mario Galicia.